When & Where Does the Season Start


The first day of practice is Monday, July 5th and will end approx. November 15th.  We practice at .


Practice Schedule


Starting on  July 5th, practice is Mon - Fri, 6:00pm to 8:0pm.

Once the Kent School District starts class, practice will be Tue, Thur & Fri, 6pm to 8pm.


Season Games


The game schedule is set-up by the Greater Seattle Youth Football & Cheer League.  We will play each team once and there are 10 teams.  Games may be on Saturday or Sunday depending on field and referee availability.


Cost & How it is set


For the 2021 season, the cost is $250.  This fee was set after a review of how much equipment would need to be refurbished or purchased new for the season.   All equipment is included in this expense with the exception of items that can not be reused (cleats, cup, socks & mouth guard).


There will be an additional Cheer Package expense of $75 this is for the purchase of items the cheerleaders will be keeping (warm-ups, under uniform items, and gym bag).


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