In Memory of Morris "Mo" Keaton


DOB:  June 10, 1972

DOD:  March 26, 2021

  • Board Member

  • Dean of Coaches

  • Championship  Football Coach

  • Mentor

  • Friend

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Morris (Mo) Keaton was born on June 10, 1972 in St. Louis Missouri. He was the only son between his mother and father.  Jene’ia and he met through mutual friends in 1997.  She was just 18 years old. Jene’ia’s friend informed Mo that she thought he was cute; the rest is history. Mo asked Jene’ia to be his ‘forever’ in 2002 and they were married July 31, 2004. But before they walked down the aisle, Mo found out that he had Diabetes. This would be a battle that the two would fight together.

On January 29, 2006, their lives changed forever, and they welcomed their first and only son, Torain (T). Torain was their pride and joy and the world revolved around him. Still dealing with Diabetes Mo’s eyesight began to deteriorate when ‘T’ was in elementary school, and many surgeries followed to help correct his eyes. His retinas had detached, and the Dr’s told him that it would not get worse but also it would not get better. Mo was then legally blind. It took 2 long years to get disability approved as he could no longer drive or work. If that was not enough, Mo then found out that he had Gastroparesis, which made life even more difficult trying to eat foods that did not upset the lining of his stomach.

In 2015, when on a basketball trip to Portland for ‘T’ Mo got a call that his father had passed. He traveled back to St. Louis to take care of matters. The family then went back to St. Louis to help with the Mo’s family and went to Six Flags. Torain noticed that his dad’s leg was swollen, and they went to the Dr. He was admitted to the hospital and Torain and Jene’ia had to come back home for work and school, which was very hard for them to leave him. Jene’ia was not expecting him home, and she looked outside and there was Mo walking up the path. He had decided that he didn’t’ want to be in St. Louis any longer, but with his family. At this time, they knew that he had kidney failure. He had to start going to dialysis 3x a week.

February 2020 right when the Pandemic was hitting, Mo fell very ill. Not one to complain, he did not tell anyone that he had a cut on his foot. This cut turned into an infection. He had to have two toes amputated. Mo kept on fighting through this and was taking care of matters when the infection came back full force. His back started hurting and he could no longer walk. Mother’s Day weekend Jene’ia called the ambulance because Mo was not well. The infection had spread, and Mo had to have his right leg cut off right under the knee. During this time, they also found out that the infection had spread to his blood and infected a heart valve, which caused many strokes.  Mo never came back home after this. He spent the next year in and out of hospitals and a long-term care facility. On March 18th Jene’ia received a phone call letting her know that Mo had gone into cardiac arrest. The Dr.’s tried to revive him, but he never woke up.

March 26, 2021 Morris Keaton earned his wings. His heart was beating strong as he slipped away from this earth. Jene’ia and Mo’s sister were beside him as the machines were turned off. He fought the fight like a warrior and that will live on in his son.

Mo did not have any life insurance. Jene’ia is faced with the cost of a memorial and medical bills for her husband. Thank you for your donation, as this family mourns the life of an amazing man, husband, and father.                                                                                                                     Mari Wilkins, Go Fund Me Page

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